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New BIM models - Рго Aqua PE-RT + РЕ-Ха pipes and axial fittings

With 600 meters coils in length, it is comfortable to work for installers, and end users сап save money because the price per meter for smaller coil lengths will bе higher.

Ego Engineering Company newly added to the BIM familles the pipe and fitting product group PRO AQUA for heating and underfloor heating systems.

The newly added BIM models are the live-layer SDR 7.4 PRO AQUA PE-RT and РЕ-Ха pipes with anti-diffusion coating as well as а complete range of PRO AQUA axial fittings made of brass.

Ego Engineering constantly adds to its library of BIM models and arranges the development of families of different product groups. То download existing BIM models of Polytron and PRO AQUA pipe and fitting product groups, please click here.


Бим модели полиэтиленовые трубы.jpg